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Highlights of the Israeli soccer league (updated every Sunday).

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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
Arutz TV No Website Broadcasting independent video about social, environment, human rights, video art etc.
Channel 10 Yes 1000K General TV station.
Channel 10 News Yes 240K News TV station. 20:00-21:00 main news - 22:45 or 23:15 evening news (time GMT+2).
Channel 7 No Website .
Darom TV No Website Recorded items.
Globes TV No Website
Hasulam TV Yes 150K Hebrew TV about wisdom of kabbalah and tora.
IBA Channel 3 Yes 90K Ch. 3 relays from the Knesset. See program schedule on website.
IBA Mabat news Yes Website You can watch the Mabat news-cast live every night.
Infolive No Website Web TV with recorded video's.
Israel National news No Website Recorderd INN TV news.
Israel Plus TV Yes 300K News, Entertaining programs , Films and serials in Russian Language.
Jerusalem online No Website Recorded news.
Kabbalah Yes 225K Bnei baruch - israel brings you the wisdom of kabbalah - lessons, music & much more.
Keshet TV No Website Recorded news available on the website.
Knesset TV Yes 93K Live view into the political arena of Israel.
Machonmeir Yes 232K Religious lectures in Hebrew.
MSN Channel 2 Yes Website Recorded news and recorded news-related programs.
Sport 5 Yes Website Recorded streams available on website.
Telesport No Website Streams available on website.
The Academic Channel Yes 330K University TV channel from Haifa.
WFM Yes 350K WFM - Sitting On The WEB. web-based radio for youngsters.
Ynet No Website Highlights of the Israeli soccer league (updated every Sunday).