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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
Race Online Yes 512K Autosports channel.
Rai Sport No 100K Recorded sports update.
RTR Sports No Website Recorded sports streams available on website.
Sail TV No Website Sailing sports.
SF Sport No Website Recorded sports news.
Sport 5 Yes Website Recorded streams available on website.
Sportbox No Website Recorded sports news.
Sportswin TV Yes 450K Horseracing TV.
Star sports Yes 200K Sports TV.
Telecapri Yes 140K Sport channel with soccer.
Telesport No Website Streams available on website.
TFC Yes 200K Toulouse Football Club TV.
TJK Yes 500K Horse racing TV.
TSN No Website Sport TV channel with on demand news.
WHL Yes 400K Ice hockey channel.
World Hockey TV No Website Field Hockey sports.
Ynet No Website Highlights of the Israeli soccer league (updated every Sunday).
YS MBC Yes 346K Sports TV.