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News & Entertainment Program.

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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
Vizion Plus Yes on site Local TV from Tirane with news.
Chicchannel Yes 197K Lifestyle TV.
DMC Yes 450K Dhammakaya Foundation media channel.
Faikham TV Yes 185K Local TV from Bangkok.
HIP TV No Website Entertainment.
ITV. Yes 245K General TV station.
KE TV Yes 343K 24/7 live economical and financial news and Stock-Exchange business.
MV1 TV Yes 250K News & Entertainment Program.
MV2 TV Yes 256K News & Entertainment Program.
MV3 TV Yes 256K News & Entertainment Program.
Nation Channel Yes 512K National Thai News. At the website also Realplayer format available.
PRD No 40K Recorded news from the Government Public Relations Department.
T Channel Yes 100K Cultural programs.
TGN / TGN Money Yes 400K Thai Global Network located in Bangkok.
TV 5. Yes 512K Royal Thai army radio and television. Located in Bangkok.
TV9 Yes 900K Thai News Agency, with news, entertainment and sports.
UBC Chic Yes 200K Fashion channel.