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Kayseri Kanal 38
Local TV.

Related Channels

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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
Karadeniz TV Yes 92K .
Karesi TV Yes 100K General TV station.
Kayseri Kanal 38 Yes 140K Local TV.
Kon TV Yes 34K General TV station.
Marmara TV Yes 52K Local TV from Marmara.
Medya 24 Yes Website Recorded news.
Mehtap TV Yes 182K National TV station.
Mesaj TV Yes 100K General TV station.
MIHR TV Yes 40K Mihr TV broadcasts study programs based on the Islamic thinking - finance, business, technology,
NET1 TV Yes 100K Web TV. Offering various programs.
NTV. Yes 539K World News.
ODTU TV Yes 539K Mid-Eastern Technical University, collegional lessons can be watched live.
Samanyolu Yes 153K National TV station.
Shopping TV.. Yes 300K .
Show Turk Yes 50K .
ShowTV Yes 45K Show TV
Sipas TV Yes 50K Local channel.
Sky Turk Yes 75K .
TGRT Yes 70K General TV station.
TGRT Europe Yes 70K International oriented.
TGRT Haber Yes 70K Turkish news broadcaster. Live transmissions.
TJK Yes 500K Horse racing TV.
TRT 1 Yes 150K Turkish State Television, channel 1.
TRT Int. Yes 100K Turkish State Television (International channel).
TRT2 Yes 100K Turkish State Television, channel 2.
TRT4 Yes 100K Turkish State Television, channel 4.
TV 5.. Yes 100K .
WTC Yes 300K News television station.
Z TV Yes 100K Local TV from Zile.