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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
Primocanale Yes 520K Regional television from Liguria.
Quarto Canale TV Yes 140K Local TV from Pagani (Salerno).
Radio Italia Yes 100K Music TV station with Italian music.
Rai No 150K Recorded Italian public television news.
Rai News 24 Yes 300K Live news broadcast.
Rai Sport No 100K Recorded sports update.
Rai Utile Yes 290K Stream with various subjects that are being broadcast by Rai Utile.
Raiclick TV No Website Archive of Italy�s public broadcaster.
RDC News No Website News station.
Repubblica Yes 232K News. Video only available from 10:00 and 13:00 (local time) monday to Friday.
ROMAuno Yes 348K TV from Rome.
RTL 102.5 Yes 300K Populair music.
RTS TV Yes 60K Tele Radio salento.
RTV 38 Yes 245K TV network that has coverage in Tuscany, Liguria, Umbria, Marche and North of Lazio.
Senato della Repubblica Yes 45K Located at Palazzo Madama.
Sky life TG24 Yes 539K General TV station with news.
Skylife No Website Weather forecast for Italy, Europe and the World.
Tef Channel Yes 273K General TV station.
Tele 90 No Website Recorderd news of Sicily.
Tele D1 Yes 270K General TV station.
Tele Iride Yes 60K Local Toscany television station.
Tele Liguria Sud Yes 311K Local television from La Spezia with Sport and news.
Tele Perugia Yes 150K Local TV from Perugia.
Telecapri Yes 140K Sport channel with soccer.
Telecolor Yes 220K Local TV station.
Telemolise Yes 90K Local station from Compobasso. Recorded streams available on website.
Telesirio Yes 225K Regional tv station.
TG5 No Website Recorded Worldnews.
TG7 No 190K Recorded news.
Tizianasat Yes 45K .